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About Us

National Healing Collective (NHC) is a social enterprise collective focusing on the importance of trauma healing for everyone involved and impacted by systems.

We meet your needs and challenges with a fresh unique perspective and approach to growth, sustainability and healthy work spaces.

We are working with individuals foundations, nonprofits, academia and businesses

Our Work

We help to identify immediate needs and challenges for  individuals, groups, organizations and entities. We work toward innovative and imaginitive solutions through a trauma lens and from a healing perspective.

Contact with systems and working within systems are often traumatic in ways not readily noticed or identified. NHC helps to examine the impact on individuals, organizations and businesses; looking at healing work as intervention and prevention.

Our Services



Healing Circles



  • Language Matters
  • Navigating Relationships
  • Help Can Be Harm
  • Grief and Loss


Working With Survivors

Is Burnout Real?


Ms. Ayoola you always saw the good in me. You showed me the work I had to do for me to see the good in me. You showed me love, encouraged me and told me when I was messing up.

Najee Flowers

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