About NHC

About National Healing Collective

The National Healing Collective (NHC) was born out of a need for dialogue and healing surrounding the sheer amount of unaddressed, much less unhealed trauma present in our daily lives. After experiencing a worldwide pandemic, this country went back to “business as usual”.  We, at NHC, believe this is indicative of how trauma is processed, generally, in this country. It’s not addressed at all. NHC recognizes the need to curate spaces and conditions for dialogue and healing for people whose lives have been impacted, directly and indirectly, by harm, trauma, and loss. We recognize the need to create and hold space for such dialogues to occur. We offer a multitude of circles as spaces for building, growing, and healing as individuals, families, communities and organizations.

I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I’m changing the things I cannot accept.

Angela Davis

“Are we going to do the work? Or not, and say we are?”


At NHC, we are doing real work while we facilitate, train, teach and empower people to do their individual and collective work. Trauma and tragedy are events or a series of events. Healing is a journey.

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