Founder/Healing Practitioner

ayoola mitchell, Founder/Healing Practitioner

Healing of families and communities became ayoola’s life work after her world changed drastically and tragically. Well over a decade ago, her family experienced not one or two but three separate tragedies.  In a little more than four years, ayoola experienced her oldest son surviving 17 gunshot wounds only to lose her middle son to murder 15 months later. Less than three years later, her Godson was killed by a drunk driver.  It was in the midst of the most difficult time of her life, ayoola recognized the importance of focusing on the healing of her family.

It has through her personal journey and professional experience which propelled her to become a voice and catalyst of dialogue about and healing. In working in the punishment system for four decades, including six continuous years of working in both jails and prisons, the amount of vicarious and secondary trauma experienced by sheer proximity is endless. And it was behind the walls of California prisons where she witnessed the power of healing.

ayoola changed her focus to healing, not just for herself and her family, for everyone. As one who is known for “taking it too far”, ayoola is committed to holding space and facilitating the healing of those on both sides of harm as well as law enforcement and district attorneys. 

What are others saying about how they experience ayoola?

“I’ve known ayoola for about nine years now and I’ve been practicing and working in the field of restorative justice for about twelve years now. I’ve come to know, appreciate and rely on ayoola both personally and professionally. She’s reliable, consistent and steadfast  in her beliefs and morals. ayoola has been known to share nuggets of wisdom which have lovingly been called “ayoola-isms” and I find myself often citing her in my work. Her dedication to healing, guided by her personal journey is something to behold. I recommend her services to anyone looking for a social justice champion.”

Rahkii “Hyp” Holman
Co-Founder Atunse Justice League

“In July of 2019, when I met ayoola, I was in the 20th year of a sentence of death-by-incarceration. A sentence I received at the age of nineteen. Although my initial inquiry was for her legal expertise, in a kind and nurturing way, ayoola let me know I had some healing work to do, if I wanted her legal expertise. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what she meant. However, from our first conversation, I could feel her authenticity. In the nearly five years we have been journeying, I have come to know she is exactly who she says she is. ayoola is a healer, a nurturer and the most authentic person I know.”

Quentin Jones 302373
G Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
Jackson, MI

“When one of my best friends was taken from me – from this movement- you were there with your steady wisdom and reminders that we are not capable of carrying these burdens alone. You encouraged me to move into the grief, to take time; you held space for me as I processed things I couldn’t imagine, pain that seared me like a burn. You are a balm to me, and this world, and to the people who will carry the day long after we are gone. “

Jaq Williams
Freedom Fighter

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