Mission Statement

The National Healing Collective is committed to providing tools, skills and language to facilitate non-traditional approaches to healing of harm and/or conflict within organizations, communities and families.

The Problem

The National Healing Collective recognizes the need for a pedagogy of healing within the current social justice movement. Often, organizations do not have structures in place for internal conflict outside of the more punitive and traditional approaches of the human resources department.  As NHC has journeyed in this movement, we have seen where harm within the movement goes unaddressed, unresolved, and has had detrimental impact on individuals, organizations, and the movement itself.

The Solution

There has been some amazingly incredible work being done across the nations. Good work alone does not translate to healthy individuals or organizations. As the movement has been intentional and vocal about inclusion, so must we be as intentional and vocal about both harm and healing within the movement. Inspired by the words of Angela Davis, NHC, through circle work, trainings, and workshops is a frontrunner in addressing harm, conflict and trauma with care, compassion and non-traditional approaches and methods.