Steeped in the tradition and practices of Indigenous and African people, we utilize circles as the bases for all our work.

Community Building Circles

bringing people together who share common space and/or interest and building community

Healing Circles

participants to share thoughts, feelings and struggles while learning the impact and manifestation of trauma in our live and why healing as a lifestyle is important

Harm Circles

when a family and/or community has been impacted by harm, we hold space and strive to meet the needs of the people

Conflict Healing Conversations

when conflict arises in work or community spaces there are not often viable alternatives to traditional adversarial approaches such as mediation or disciplinary actions. The goal is for all parties to be heard and to collectively work toward resolution.

Family Circles

recognizing the needs for inter and intra family circles; with a wide range of topics – grief and loss, incarcerated loved ones, complex family relationship

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